The Dwarf Galaxy Zoo

Dwarf galaxies are the most numerous type of galaxy in our universe. These low mass, low metallicity galaxies encompass a wide range of morphologies, gas fractions and star formation properties. Yet it is unclear how or if these different subtypes are evolutionarily linked. Being low in mass, dwarf galaxies are more prone to environmental factors (tides, ram pressure stripping), which can facilitate morphological transformations. But is environment the only factor? What about dwarf galaxies in the most isolated environments? Do interactions between dwarf galaxies themselves play a role? I'll provide an overview of the veritable zoo of dwarf galaxy subtypes and our current understanding of their potential evolutionary links. I'll further outline preliminary results from our ongoing theoretical and multi-wavelength observational program to constrain the merger sequence of dwarf galaxies in isolated environments.

Followed by wine and cheese in Pupin 1402.

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