Electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves from accreting supermassive BH binaries: status & next steps

Accreting black holes (BHs) are at the core of relativistic astrophysics as messengers of the strong-field regime of General Relativity and prime targets of several observational campaigns, including imaging the black hole shadow in SagA* and M87 with the Event Horizon Telescope. Binary Black Holes probe the strong field regime of GR as one of the most promising gravitational wave sources for adLIGO and Pulsar Timing Arrays and -- if accreting -- can provide an electromagnetic counterpart. I will present results from global GRMHD simulations of both single and binary BHs embedded in a hot, magnetized disk, highlighting differences in their observational appearance including their gravitational and electromagnetic radiation. The presentation will feature recent achievements, a discussion of remaining challenges/caveats, and the next steps.

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