Asteroseismology & Exoplanets in the Gaia Era

Asteroseismology - the study of stellar oscillations - is a powerful tool to probe the structure and evolution of stars. In addition to the large number of discovered exoplanets, space-based telescopes such as Kepler/K2 have revolutionized asteroseismology by detecting oscillations in thousands of stars from the main sequence to the red-giant branch. In this talk I will highlight recent breakthrough discoveries in asteroseismology, focusing in particular on interiors of red giants and synergies with exoplanet science such as the precise measurement of planet radii and the determination of dynamical architectures of planetary systems. I will then discuss the expected impact of Gaia on asteroseismology and exoplanet science, including first results of using Gaia DR1 parallaxes to test asteroseismology and characterize Kepler exoplanet host stars. Finally, I will discuss prospects for asteroseismology with the upcoming NASA TESS Mission. --

Followed by wine and cheese in Pupin 1332.

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