Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST: Getting into position for observing (and understanding!) our universe

With the long-anticipated JWST set to be launched in December, we (both the theorists and observers) are getting into position to conduct our proposed surveys. I will showcase the wide range of predictions presented in the Semi-Analytic Forecasts for JWST work series and how they are used in the planning of high-redshift galaxy surveys. These predictions are made with the well-established Santa Cruz semi-analytic model (SAM) and have been shown to perform extremely well at reproducing a variety of observed constraints for galaxies and AGN observed in the past. I will also highlight some of the key galaxy formation physics are expected to be constrained by upcoming observations. Furthermore, we have constructed an extended modeling pipeline and showed that these predicted galaxies and AGN are capable of supplying the amount of ionizing photons needed to reionize the Universe in the time-frame required by IGM and ISM observations. I will give a preview for the future of the Forecasts project and upcoming data release.

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