Andreas Kuepper

Hubble Fellow, Astronomy

Research Topics

gravitational dynamics

Current Research

I am interested in everything that involves gravity. Most fascinating in this respect are globular clusters because they are such simple dynamical systems, and yet they are so complex. Lately, I spent most of my research time on stellar streams that originate from dissolving globular clusters (e.g. Palomar 5), and how we can use these structures as probes of the gravitational potential of the Milky Way. I also investigated systems of globular clusters around other galaxies, and what we can learn from their distributions and from their structures. Moreover, I got involved in research on exotic binaries in globular clusters, and in studies on the formation of massive black holes. Despite all this excitement, I decided to leave academia and pursue a career in data science. I'm now a data scientist at QuantCo in Boston, MA.