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Alejandro Núñez

Grad Student, Astronomy

Pupin 207

After moving to Florida from his native Colombia, Alejandro obtained his BS in systems analysis from the University of Miami before moving to New York for work in financial services. Unsatisfied in this field, he left private industry to pursue his long-time interest in astronomy, obtaining a BA in physics from Hunter College. At Hunter he studied brown dwarfs in the quest to disentangle age, mass, and metallicity effects in their spectra. During his first year at Columbia, Alejandro worked in designing an algorithm for cosmological simulations to properly include supernova feedback in galactic formation and evolution. He is now in his fifth year at Columbia, working toward his PhD, investigating correlations between age and magnetic activity in main-sequence stars.

Research Topics

Galaxy formation and evolution. Magnetic activity in main-sequence stars. Brown dwarf atmospheres.