Celebrating our new PhD's!

September 10, 2018

Congratulations to all our students who passed their PhD thesis defenses during Spring/Summer 2018

Dr Aleksey Generozov
advisor - Prof. Brian Metzger
thesis on Stellar and gas dynamics in galactic nuclei

Dr Sarah Pearson
advisor - Prof. Kathryn Johnston;
thesis on Stellar streams, dwarf galaxy pairs, and the Halos in Which they Reside

Dr Yong Zheng
advisor - Prof. Mary Putman;
thesis on The cycle of gaseous baryons between the disk and halo

Dr Ricardo Fernandez
advisor - Prof. Greg Bryan ;
thesis on An object-oriented, python-based moving mesh hydrodynamics code inspired by Astrophysical problems

Dr David Hendel
advisor - Prof. Kathryn Johnston;
thesis on Dynamics and detection of tidal debris

Dr Alejandro Núñez
advisor - Prof. Marcel Agüeros;
thesis on The relationship between stellar rotation and magnetic activity as revealed by M37 and Alpha Persei

Dr Jingjing Chen
advisor - Prof. David Kipping;
thesis on A bayesian approach to the understanding of exoplanet populations and the origin of life

Dr Ben Margalit
advisor - Prof. Brian Metzger
thesis on Transients from the birth and death of compact objects

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