Publication Highlights for September

October 2, 2016

As we are just getting started here, this list is surely incomplete, but nonetheless, quite interesting:

Jose, Zoltan and collaborators in Computer Science and Physics have published a paper in PRD entitled "Do dark matter haloes explain lensing peaks?" in which they present a thorough statistical study of weak lensing peaks using differing simulations and show how to improve parameter constraints from such models. (

Kohei, Zoltan, and Jerry have published a paper in MNRAS on "Hyper-Eddington accretion onto massive black holes" where "massive" here means the intermediate mass range (that seed supermassive holes) of 100 to 1 million solar masses. They find that once a seed forms in a protogalactic core, it can grow rapidly up to 10^5 Mo; they also explore possible observational signatures of such systems. (

Jerry has another paper with a host of collaborators including Mordecai about "Launching Cosmic-ray Driven Outflows from the Magnetized Interstellar Medium" in which they show that cosmic rays produced in supernova remnants are important in determining the vertical structure of galaxy disks as well as in launching galactic winds. (

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