Notable Publications This Fall

December 25, 2016

Jerry was selected to write the yearly career retrospective in the Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics.


To demonstrate that this was not a sign of slowing down at all, he, along with Lam, Scott Tremaine, and Ed Witten produced a novel (one might say radical) hypothesis for a dark matter candidate with a deBroglie wavelength measured in kilo parsecs: 

as well as a paper with former Columbian Q. Daniel Wang and others on the accretion flow around Sgr A*:


a paper on AGN feedback in early-type galaxies:


and a major work with Thorsten Naab on Theoretical "Challenges in Galaxy Formation", also for Annual Reviews:


Meanwhile, Kathryn was also busy, publishing a paper with recent postdoc Robyn Sanderson and collaborators on "New Views of the Distant Stellar Halo":

as well as an incendiary paper on "Exploding Satellites -- The Tidal Debris of the Ultrafaint Dwarf Galaxy Hercules" with another former postdoc Andreas Kupper and colleagues:

and a third work led by Chervin and with former Columbian Gurtina Besla on the "Response of the Milky Way's disk to the LMC in a First Infall Scenario":

Our graduate students have also been busy the last couple of months. Yong published her major paper on "HST/COS Observations of IonizedGas Accretion at the Disk Halo Interface of M33" along with Mary and former Columbians Josh Peek and Jess Werk:

Aleksey, Nick, Brian and collaborators published a paper about "The Influence of Circumstellar Environments on the Radio Emission of TDE Jets":

Finally, Alejandro and Marcel had their paper on "The X-ray luminosityFunction of M37 and the Evolution of Coronal Activity in Low-Mass Stars" published in ApJ:

Happy Holidays to all, and best wishes for another productive year ahead.

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