Columbia astronomers highlight research at winter AAS meeting

January 7, 2017

Columbia undergraduate and graduate students at the 229th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Grapevine, Texas.

The department was very well represented at the recently concluded winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Grapevine, Texas. Alex Teachey and David Kipping both gave talks during the "Extrasolar Planets Detection: Transit" session on Wednesday morning. Wednesday also featured three dissertation talks by soon-to-graduate students Alejandro Núñez, Stephanie Douglas (both in the "Cool Stars" session, which also featured a talk by Emily Sandford), and Susan Clark ("Dust & Magnetic Fields"). Susan even did double duty on Wednesday, since she also spoke as part of the special "New, Fundamental, Cutting-Edge Science from Arecibo Observatory" session. The day also featured poster presentations by undergraduates Evan Morris (in the "Extrasolar Planets: Detection" session) and Shreyas Vissapragada ("Star Formation").
Thursday was a little quieter, with former graduate student Jennifer Weston giving her dissertation talk during the "Cataclysmic Variables, Novae, & Symbiotic Stars" session and Erin Flowers presenting a poster in the "Extrasolar Planets: Characterization & Theory" session.
Things picked up again on Friday, with Miao Li's dissertation talk in the "Molecular Clouds, HII Regions, PDRs" session, and poster presentations by Danielle Rowland and Amanda Quirk in the "Evolution of Galaxies" session. Summer Ash and Jeno Sokoloski also participated in a special panel discussion on entering non-academic careers, "Beyond the Academy." (Summer's Startorialist booth was one of the must stops on any tour of the conference hall!)
Finally, those who stayed at the meeting all the way through Saturday afternoon were rewarded by being able to attend undergraduate Chris Lam's talk during the "Extrasolar Planets Detection: Methodology" session.
Also spotted at the meeting were David Helfand, Joe Patterson, and many other recent- and not-so-recent former members of our department!

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