Columbia Astronomy Alumni Watch Eclipse in Clarno, Oregon

August 22, 2017

Columbia astronomy alumni watching the total solar eclipse, Clarno, Oregon. Front, left to right: Gurtina Besla, Emily Rauscher, Maria Pereira, Erika Hamden, Cameron Hummels. Back: Destry Saul, Neil Zimmerman, Ian McGreer, Marcel Ag├╝eros, Rachel Bezanson, Roban Kramer. (Missing: Kaitlin Kratter, who decided to view the eclipse from one of the nearby peaks!) Picture by Kevin Covey.

While in graduate school at Columbia a decade ago, Ian (now Dr.!) McGreer realized that the 2017 Great American Eclipse was going to be visible from the farm he grew up on in eastern Oregon. Several of his classmates made him promise to host a viewing party... and so there we all were, outside of Clarno, Oregon, basking in its natural beauty and the absence of internet/cellphone access...! On Monday morning the conditions were perfect, and the eclipse was spectacular. We paused from admiring it long enough to take a few Columbia pictures. The one shown here features no fewer than eight Columbia Ph.D. recipients, a former Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow in the department, a Barnard alumna, and a current faculty member.
Our thanks again for Ian and (Dr.) Maria Pereira for hosting us, and to (Dr.) Cameron Hummels for doing such great (and typically enthusiastic) job MCing the eclipse. See you April 8, 2024 for the next (American) one!

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