Courtney Carter

Courtney Carter

Research Interests


Courtney Carter is a second-year graduate student in Astronomy at Columbia University. She is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Marie Nesbitt Promise Prize Scholar, and an AAS National Osterbrock Fellow. Her research interests are focused in Galactic archaeology; broadly, the study of using stellar chemical abundances, kinematics, and ages to trace the formation history of the Milky Way galaxy. In addition, she thinks frequently about Galactic dynamics, galaxy formation, and Milky Way satellites in her work. She enjoys working at the intersection of large cosmological simulations and big data to answer questions about the origins of the Milky Way (and in the future, maybe of our nearest Galactic neighbors). After extensive diversity, equity, and inclusion work at her undergraduate institution, Courtney is looking forward to continuing to address the historical exclusion of Black and Brown students in the sciences through mentorship and service. Courtney received her Bachelors of Arts in Physics and Studio Art from Grinnell College. She has a passion for making contemporary mixed-media art and enjoys thinking about how to be a more interdisciplinary artist and scientist. Her hobbies also include swing dancing, baking cakes, and spending time with family.


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