The COSMOS VLA 3GHz Large Project: Does the infrared-radio correlation of star-forming galaxies change with redshift?

I will present a detailed analysis of the infrared-radio correlation (IRRC) of star-forming galaxies using data from the COSMOS VLA 3GHz Large Project. This is a ~400 hour radio continuum survey of the COSMOS field with the recently upgraded Very Large Array telescope. It is the most sensitive available radio continuum survey with a cosmologically-significant sky coverage, allowing us to explore galaxy populations in the micro-Jansky regime. Combined with the Herschel far-infrared observations and plethora of other multiwavelength data available in the COSMOS field, this provides a powerful resource for studies of the somewhat mysterious IRRC out to z~5, when the Universe was only ~1.2 Gyr old. I will particularly focus on the behaviour of the IRRC as a function of redshift – an important consideration for dust-unbiased, radio-based measurements of galaxy star-formation rates. This is particularly relevant in light of upcoming highly sensitive, high-resolution continuum surveys with the next generation of radio telescopes (SKA/ASKAP/MeerKAT etc.)

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