Reverberation mapping the inner accretion flow around black holes

Observations of the inner accretion flows in Active Galactic Nuclei are vital for our understanding of how black holes grow and effect their environments. In this talk, I will present the newest observational tool for probing the inner accretion flow, called X-ray reverberation mapping. Similar to Optical reverberation, where light travel time delays of days or weeks map out centi-parsec scales in the Broad Line Region, X-ray reverberation reveals time delays of tens of seconds, which map out microparsec scales close to the black hole event horizon. I will give an overview of the recent discoveries in X-ray reverberation mapping, and discuss how this technique is being used to put new constraints on the X-ray emitting region and the accretion disc geometry. Lastly, I will present the recent discovery of reverberation in a tidal disruption event, which shows the formation of a super-Eddington accretion flow around a usually quiescent black hole.

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