ASTE CO(3-2) survey for nearby merging galaxies & ALMA band 3 line survey towards late stage merging galaxy NGC3256

I introduce the Japanese telescopes ASTE and AKARI, and review the Michiyama et al. 2016 (, which investigate the relation between the CO(3–2) luminosity and the far Infrared luminosity towards a sample of 29 early stage and 31 late stage merging galaxies, and 28 nearby isolated spiral galaxies. Comparing our results with sub-kpc scale local star formation and global star-burst activity in the high-z Universe, we discuss how the merging galaxies affect the star formation relation. In addition, I show our recent ALMA Cycle 3 results of molecular line survey towards a late stage merging galaxy NGC3256. We have detected 24 molecules at 2” (~300 pc) angular resolution, which is high enough to resolve the double nuclei. ALMA open new eye for chemical evolution during galaxy and galaxy merger. I also show the dense gas outflow from this galaxy and discuss the physical properties of outflowing gas.

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