The blind theorists and the baryon cycle

I will describe six separate approaches our group is taking to understand the physics of the baryon cycle, i.e. the inflow and outflow of gas from galaxies that is believed to govern galaxy growth. These approaches are (i) cosmological hydro simulations from the Mufasa project; (ii) zoom simulations to quantify inflows and outflows from dwarfs to large spirals; (iii) analytic modeling situated within a Bayesian MCMC framework to quantify baryon cycling parameters; (iv) direct probes of the baryon cycle via circumgalactic absorption; (v) radiative hydrodynamic simulations for studying the interplay between photo-heating and galaxy growth during the Epoch of Reionisation; and (vi, time permitting) preliminary experiments with using machine learning to teach N-body simulations about the baryon cycle. I will only present one intro and one results slide from each approach, so be prepared to ask questions and discuss!

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