A Starcount Model with the dSgr Componen

TRILEGAL and the Besancon models for the galaxy have been very important for simulating expected the photometry of stars, to compare with observations. However, they are not open source codes; it is not possible to change the underlying Galactic model or add a known substructures. In order to better understand the known substructures of the Milky Way (e.g. Monococeros, TriAnd, Sagittarius Stream) that are not included in previous Galactic models, we are developing a new model. Our model allows us to predict the star counts from the main Galactic components plus the measured density distribution of two substructures: the Virgo overdensity and part of Sagittarius stream. We show preliminary results of the comparison of the model with observed data. In the future, additional Galactic substructure will be added.

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