Radiative and Mechanical AGN feedback via BAL Winds

Feedback from active galactic nuclei (AGN) at the centers of galaxies is believed to play a major role during galaxy formation and evolution of those galaxies and central black holes (BHs). However, in many popular treatment of AGN feedback models some of the most basic requirements, such as the necessity that mass and momentum be conserved have not been imposed, and the inclusion of the presently known and observed feedback processes is often treated selectively. In this talk I will introduce our new radiative and momentum based mechanical AGN feedback model in a three-dimensional smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) code. A modeling of AGN mechanical feedback via winds as observed in broad absorption line (BAL) systems that include mass and momentum feedback will be described. I will also describe the treatment of X-ray radiative effects of AGN and a more accurate black hole accretion rate prescription using the Bondi radius criterion. I will discuss the new feedback model properties using simulations of an isolated disc galaxy that include a BH, and compare them to the previous thermal feedback properties and to what we see from local Seyferts. Additionally, I will summarize the results of our study of AGN feedback in major merger simulations.

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