Dancing Infrared-Bright Galaxies: Optical Imaging Fourier Transform Spectroscopy with SITELLE of the galaxy merger II Zw 96

Abstract: Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies provide a window into the fate of galaxies at higher redshifts when gravitational interactions between gas rich galaxies may have created today’s big ellipticals. II Zw 96 is Luminous Infrared system of merging galaxies, with global star-formation rates an order of magnitude larger than those of the well-studied merger system — the Antennae. Combined HST and Spitzer data suggested that 80% of the II Zw 096’s IR emission comes from a small (~1 kpc) off-center region (region D). SITELLE provides high-resolution 3D spectroscopic data which we use to measure the kinematics and morphology of the ionized hydrogen, measure extinction corrected star-formation rates, and suggest a solution for the mystery of region D.

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