Pulsars are Critical Sources of Cosmic-Rays and Turbulence at TeV Energies

HAWC observations have detected extended TeV emission coincident with the Geminga and Monogem pulsars. In this talk, I will show that these detections have significant implications for our understanding of the TeV sky. First, the spectrum and intensity of these “TeV Halos” indicates that a large fraction of the pulsar spindown energy is efficiently converted into electron-positron pairs. This provides empirical evidence that pulsars explain the rising positron fraction, and dominate both point-source and diffuse gamma-ray emission at TeV energies. Additionally, the constrained diffusion constant within TeV halos implies that TeV cosmic-ray diffusion is locally suppressed compared to the typical ISM environment. This indicates that leptonic cosmic-ray self-confinement may be an efficient mechanism which locally inhibits cosmic-ray diffusion near energetic pulsars.

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