Black Hole Spin Values for more than 750 Sources

Black hole systems, comprised of a black hole, accretion disk, and collimated outflow will be discussed. Three AGN samples, including 753 AGN, and 102 measurements of 4 Galactic Black Holes (GBH) will be studied to obtain the black hole spin function, spin, and accretion disk magnetic field strength in dimensionless and physical units for each source. Relatively high spin values are obtained; spin functions indicate typical spin values of about (0.6 - 1) for the sources. The distribution of accretion disk magnetic field strengths for the three AGN samples are quite broad and have mean values of about 10^4 G, while those for individual GBH have mean values of about 10^8 G. Good agreement is found between the spin values obtained and published values; comparisons for 1 GBH and 6 AGN indicate that similar spin values are obtained with independent methods. The method applied does not depend upon any specific accretion disk emission model and does not depend upon a specific model that relates jet beam power to compact radio luminosity, hence the results obtained here can be used to constrain and study these models. The method and results will be presented and discussed.

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