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Jacqueline van Gorkom

Professor Emerita, Astronomy

Pupin 1420


Professor Van Gorkom received her Ph.D. in Astronomy from the Kapteyn Institute in Groningen, Holland. She was a scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in New Mexico for 8 years, before joining the faculty at Columbia. She held visiting appointments at the Raman Research Institute in India, Princeton University, Caltech, Berkeley, and the Kapteyn Institute. She served as a chair of the department for 7 years.

Research Topics

gas and galaxy evolution

Current Research

I am interested in gas and galaxy evolution and have been studying the morphology and kinematics of gas in galaxies in a wide range of environments, from clusters to voids. I am now studying if and how these properties change with redshift by doing the first HI deep field. We will do a 1000 hour observation with the VLA of one pointing (roughly 40x40 arcmin) of the COSMOS field probing the redshift range from z=0 to z=0.45 with a velocity resolution of 6 km/s.