Past Event

Columbia Postdoctoral Colloquium: Boris Boillet and Hui Li

April 20, 2022
4:05 PM - 5:05 PM
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Pupin 1402

Colloquium by Boris Boillet and Hui Li, Columbia University

Boris Boillet: The Kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect with Projected Fields

With upcoming arcminute resolution multi-frequency CMB maps and full-sky galaxy surveys, observables based on the Sunyaev Zeldovich (SZ) effect will constitute a promising avenue for reshaping our understanding of galaxy formation and constraining cosmological models. We will start by briefly reviewing current measurements of the thermal and kinetic SZ effects, before presenting theoretical modeling, measurements and constraints involving a new set of observables based on a three-point statistics between the kinetic SZ effect and large scale structure (LSS) tracers: projected fields kSZ$^2$-LSS power spectra.

Hui Li: Star cluster formation on different scales: from giant molecular clouds to large scale structure.

Over the past decades, the discovery of a large number of young massive clusters in the local Universe and giant clumps in high-z galaxies suggests that clustered star formation is the dominant star formation mode. In this talk, I will present some of my recent works on the theoretical modeling of star clusters on different scales. First, I will highlight how gas-dust interaction in giant molecular clouds affects the ionizing stellar feedback and in turn the formation efficiency of star clusters. Second, I'll show how galaxy mergers enhance the formation of most massive star clusters and alter their subsequent dynamical evolution. Finally, if time permits, I'll briefly describe our model that explains the mass assembly history of a special type of massive star cluster, nuclear star cluster, at the very center of the galaxy.

Followed by wine and cheese.

Host: David Kipping