Graduate Student Housing

Graduate Student Housing

The University provides housing near campus for graduate students who are registered full time. There are two types of housing: traditional dormitory facilities through University Residence Halls, and University- owned apartments managed by Columbia Real Estate Management.

The dormitory facilities include single rooms as well as suites and apartments for single and married students; furnishings and utilities are included. Rates vary according to size of room, type of accomodation, and length of stay (9 months versus 12 months).

The University-owned apartments are leased on an annual basis. Rents vary according to size and location and whether furnishings are included or not. These traditional New York apartments are scattered about Morningside Heights — the intimate, residential neighborhood home to Columbia's campus.

Housing is guaranteed for the first five years; beyond five years of study it is continued at the discretion of the Dean's office and is determined by availability and by timely progress towards the degree.

This guarantee of nearby, subsidized housing makes living in New York City on a graduate student stipend both practical and convenient, and helps foster the sense of community on which our Department prides itself — most of the faculty also live in University housing within six blocks of campus.

For more information, consult the university housing office webpage.