Informal Talks


Informal Talks

The department hosts two recurring informal talk sessions during the academic year:


The departmental astro-ph meeting is an informal gathering over coffee/tea, in which department members review and discuss recently published papers. The discussions are led by a mix of faculty, researchers, post-docs, and graduate students. Undergraduate students are encouraged to attend and may also lead discussions if they desire. The full astro-ph schedule is posted on our wiki.

Pizza Lunch

The department convenes once every week for our departmental pizza lunch. The goal of this meeting is to hear from various members of our community about their current research, papers they have recently published, or conferences they have attended. Pizza lunches typically feature a few short talks from a variety of speakers, including faculty, researchers, post-docs, graduate students, undergraduate students, and occasionally visitors from other institutions. The full Pizza Lunch schedule is posted on our wiki.