Graduate Financial Aid

Graduate Financial Aid

Admission to the Ph.D. program in Astronomy carries with it a commitment of full financial support subject only to the condition that the student is making satisfactory progress toward the doctoral degree. This position carries a twelve-month stipend of approximately $45,765 (in 2023-2024) for twelve months (most recent numbers can be found here). Medical insurance and a tuition waiver are also provided.

Part of each student's financial aid is covered by a two-year teaching obligation, as described in the degree requirements page.

During the first two summers, students are expected to concentrate on their research projects in preparation for their presentations in September. Some students will spend some or all of a summer at a national observatory or some other research facility, while many will remain in New York to work with their faculty mentors.

Foreign students are invited to apply; they receive the same level of support throughout as US students.

You can find more information regarding loans and university support on the GSAS Introduction to Financial Aid page.