Department of Astronomy


Department of Astronomy

The Astronomy Department is now a community of roughly 15 faculty, 30 graduate students, 25 undergraduate majors, and over 1000 students per year in our core classes, supported by 2 administrative staff, with associated faculty, research scientists, postdoctoral researchers and staff in the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory (CAL). Each semester the department offers roughly 15 courses at all levels, and provides graduate students and undergraduate students access to research projects, often in partial fulfillment of degree requirements or as a summer or semester research opportunity. The department also provides advising and mentoring on curricular, research and professional opportunities, and opportunities to engage in public outreach. See the links below for more information about the curricular, research, professional development and outreach opportunities of the department.

Contact Information

Department Chair: Greg Bryan

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Frits Paerels

Director of Graduate Studies: Lorenzo Sironi

Administrator: Mildred Garcia

Administrative Aide: Ayoune Payne

Department Office: Pupin Hall, Room 1328


Undergraduate studies (Current and Prospective and post-undergraduate plans)

Graduate studies (Current and Prospective)

Professional Development + Outreach

Mailing Address & Phone Numbers

Department of Astronomy
Columbia University
Mail Code 5246
538 West 120th Street
New York, New York 10027

phone 212.854.3278
fax 212.854.8121