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Modeling turbulent HII region emission lines

February 29, 2024
4:05 PM - 4:35 PM
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Pupin 1402

Seminar by Yifei Jin, Harvard

Accurate predictions of the physics of interstellar medium are vital for understanding galaxy formation and evolution. Modeling photoionized regions with complex geometry produces realistic ionization structures within the nebulae, providing the necessary physical predictions to interpret data. 3D photoionization codes built with Monte Carlo techniques provide powerful tools to produce the ionizing radiation field with fractal geometry, which includes the regions ionized by both stellar and diffuse photons. In this talk, we will present a new self-consistent three-dimensional photoionization code -- Messenger Monte-Carlo MAPPINGS V (M^3), which is designed for modeling nebulae in arbitrary three-dimensional geometries. We will present nebula models with complex geometries created by M^3, and will further show how nebular geometry influences the ionizing radiation field and emission-line ratios.

Host: Viraj Pandya