The 2024 Solar Eclipse is on Monday!

Head to Low Plaza to get your eclipse glasses.


April 05, 2024

The Astronomy Department will be like a ghost town as Astronomers head for the path of totality. A few ideas for those unable to travel away from Campus.

  • You can get some idea about why eclipse-chasing is so addictive in Professor Patterson’s recent Columbia News article on how the 1970 eclipse changed his life..
  • You can catch Professor David Helfand with the Good Morning America crew on TV.
  • Janna Levin will be leading a special eclipse viewing event at Brooklyn’s historic Green-Wood Cemetery, blending art and astronomy. 
  • At Columbia: you can join the few Astronomers remaining on campus who will be handing out glasses  to look at the partial eclipse visible from New York ~2-4pm. Look for them in Low Plaza.

Reminder: never look at the Sun directly without eclipse glasses.