Columbia Astronomers help to launch a new fellowship program

August 18, 2021

Jeno Sokoloski has been named Director of the new LSSTC Catalyst Fellowship Program, after spearheading the effort to secure funding from the Templeton Foundation. Kathryn Johnston is also joining the leadership team. The program aims to support emerging Astronomers in pursuing science inspired by data prospects from  Rubin Observatory's Legacy Survey of Space and Time . The proposal grew out of Columbia's longstanding membership of LSST Corporation - an international collaboration of institutions in Astronomy which aims to advance understanding of the dynamic universe by enabling LSST science through research and education. The program has been designed to: (i) allow fellows to pursue original research with LSST data; (ii) support their development as leaders in both science and communities of scientists; and (iii) develop vital networks of LSST researchers and educators across diverse scientists and diverse institutions.