Observational Astronomy

Astronomers and astrophysicists at Columbia University engage in observational studies spanning the electromagnetic spectrum: radio, sub-mm, IR, optical, UV, soft/hard X and gamma, plus observational/experimental studies of gravitational waves, dark matter and neutrinos.

Optical and IR observations are frequently conducted at MDM Observatory on Kitt Peak, Arizona, owned in part by Columbia, as well as several other observational/experimental facilities owned, built and/or operated in part or in whole by Columbia. A partial list includes: the Zwicky Transient Factory, Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuStar), advanced LIGO, the Center for Backyard Astronomy, the Xenon and GAPS dark matter experiments, VERITAS, and LSST. Columbia observers study objects running the gamut from the Moon to distant galaxies, the cosmic microwave background and relics from the Big Bang.

Affiliated Faculty